Friday, 19 August 2011

Trip to Mozambique

Just before the winter holidays we went to Mozambique on a joint missions visit and holiday.  We did not want to drive through to Bilene in one day and decided to stay over at Petra College near White River in Mpumalanga.  We previously lived there - 2007 / 8. 

Legogote (Lion), situated partly on Petra College’s land is a well known landmark in the area and can be seen from afar.  At the foot of the Mountain was a shop that was used by transport riders during the end of the 19th century.  I always told Simeon we lived on the lion’s tail.

Friends at Petra College – Magriet en Dietmar.

Lucy and Tshepo (Simeon's friend)

The best part was visiting with our friends and catching up on each other's lives.

Joshua asleep with his dog and little Piglet (that I lost on the Bilene beach – I feel so bad about that).

“There’s a full moon over Mozambique tonight”  A haunting song. Full moon at Bilene and beautiful.

Simeon just fell down and made sand angels.  I love his spontaneity, and the way he can see an opportunity (even if there is no snow).

The view from our stoep of “our” house.

 Progress comes to Xai-Xai and the children could enjoy a Kentucky ice cream.

What I like about our visits is that we see the progress taking place in Mozambique.  There are Shoprite shops in most of the larger towns now and you can even pay in Rands.

The church we have been involved with since 1999.

Pastor and Mama Macome.  They just keep on going and the church grows.  In January / February 2012 a cross will be planted there.

Any time is play time, especially when your parents visit a place where a large part of the garden is just sand.

Cashew nut ‘trees’.  The best ever.

Simeon on the beach at Praia de Xai-Xai (pronounced "chai-chai").

My cappuccino at a beach hotel in Praia de Xai-Xai (the cheapest lunch we ever had as family, especially with the Rand – Metical exchange rate)

Praia de Bilene.  Simeon and Joshua enjoying the cold water at the lake.  It is much bigger than before the 2001 and 2002 floods and is drained to the see yearly to maintain the waterlevels.

Planting rocks, pears and potato – hoping they will be reaping before the end of the week.

Playing in the biggest sand box, right in front of our house.

Joshua having fun.

A ship leaving Maputo harbor.

On Friday we went back to Petra Collge.  The road back home was TOO long for two small active boys (and their  parents!)  Friday afternoon traffic in Maputo and  road works did not help.  Night fell when we entered South Africa.  We had problems with our vehicle; the radiator van belt broke 10 km before Malelane.  We thank God it did not happen inside Mozambique near some small village.  We were helped promptly in Malelane by a mechanic on stand-by just for such incidents on the N4.

Old Joe

Between Nelspruit and Waterval Boven, on the Schoemanskloof road, is this rock.  When the road was built the workers found this rock and decided it looked just like their supervisor – Old Joe.  It became a beacon on the road.  Now it’s painted regularly - sometimes to depict events in the area.

The Millys we stopped at didn't look the same as a week before. They told us a spark from a hearth in the restaurant set the thatch roof alight and burned down the restaurant and two shops during Friday afternoon.

We were glad to be home again and decided against travelling by car that far again (for now that is).

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