Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Outing: Wonderboom and the Fort

After visiting the waterfall at Wonderboom in Pretoria-North, Simeon kept on nagging us that he wanted to see the fort.  That day I was recuperating from an heavy cold, and we just did not have the energy to walk / climb further up the mountain.

 Simeon and Joshua last year at the Wonderboom

So, when I heard about the outing to the Wonderboom to visit the fort with our "new" homeschool support group, I knew this was the opportunity to make a dream come true.  Simeon always asks us about all the landmarks we have visited or passed and I try to share as much of the history about them.

There were four forts around Pretoria, Klapperkop, Skanskop, Wonderboom and Daspoortrand, built before the Anglo Boer War.  See this Afrikaans article from The South African Military History Society. and an English article on Wikipedia.

On Friday morning we met at the Wonderboom in Lavender Road, Pretoria North.  There were 18 moms and "millions" of children :-)   Doesn't it sometimes seem that way when children mingle, run around and play?  The route is well marked - to the fort or to the waterfall and paved with rock.  At first it climbs through the trees but then reaches the grassveld at the top of the mountain.  We had a beautiful view of Pretoria, first north of the mountain and then, on the other side to the south and the city centre. 
View to the North of the Magalies mountain

First view of the Wonderboom fort.

When I last visited this fort the doors were not painted and were flat on the ground.
It was such a surprise to see that the fort is well maintained.

View from above, and below a photo when still in use.

Inside the fort, and below the floor plan


Joshua in the stables

Two energetic girls exploring and enjoying every opportunity.

A hole in the wall used by the birds for nesting.

Simeon in a beautiful corner outside the fort.

Pretoria to the south of the Magalies mountain - towards Church Square.

A tired Simeon waiting for his mom and brother to catch up.
I'm very proud of them as they both walked up and down the mountain, a round trip of 2,8 km.

We had a lovely picnic and chat with the other moms afterwards and the children enjoyed playing so much they did not want to leave, mom just did not have energy to take any more photos.

At home Simeon drew the fort for his dad and when we left for speech therapy Joshua did the same.


  1. Dankie vir die deel van die foto's, ek het die fort jaaaaaare laas gesien en bly dat dit instand gehou word

  2. i grew up in Pretoria and never knew that there was a fort at Wonderboom...next time i visit my dad..i will have to take the kids...i also love to make the kids draw something after they have been on a outing, as it shows what they saw...from their perspective..thanks for sharing..