Saturday, 08 October 2011

Blogging and Sharing - or not?


So, I haven't been blogging regularly the last weeks/months/years.  WHAT, so long?  But I have been reading other blogs.  And then made a mistake.  To compare my blog, my less fluent writing and sometimes non-existent homeschooling programme.  And I failed in my own eyes.  I became miserable and didn't want to blog and talk about what we are doing.

So, I decided to give my blog a facelift, become part of the SA Carnival of Homeschoolers.  To write about our doings and my faults.  To go back to recording our wobbly homeschooling journey.

This way I will create a diary and be able to look back and see that we have made progress.  That Simeon and Joshua did learn and can do more than they can do now.

Sharing - or not?

Some months ago, we attended a Friday evening worship service.  It was our first time and we didn't know it would take so long.  So I landed up in the mother's room with two other mothers and their children.  As with all conversations schooling came up.  "No, Simeon is not attending a school.  We homeschool." So, the question was which curriculum we use.  "None.  We "unschool" with a Charlotte Mason twist."  You could (again) cut the atmosphere with a knife.  "Oh, the poor little bloke, he will never be able to …. (fill in whatever he won't be able to do).

And then the one mom asked "So, what do you do? Isn't it difficult?"  "We….." I couldn't finish the sentence as the other mom, with two children embedded in the school system said "My friend's sister is homeschooling, and she says it's so difficult.  She battles through all that the kids have to do, and….."  I stopped listening actively and gave my full attention to my sons.  If they did not want to listen to the one in their midst who IS homeschooling and rather talk about a relative of a friend experience, who am I to interrupt.


So, now I'm going to share what we are learning to those people that want to know.  And keep quiet to those people who would rather not.

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