Saturday, 15 October 2011

Can we become Minimalists?

My SIL posted on facebook some of the "funny" things she did.  At first I did not read them.  Then she posted again about a week ago.  And suddenly I realised, I need to do this myself.  So, I read the link she provided: Becoming Minimalist.  There and then I decided to DO something in our house.

I wanted to start at my desk.  But in one way I just couldn't.  Maybe I'm just to emotional attached and not totally ready to try.  Now, a week later I realise that I needed to begin with something easier on  myself.  Going to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water, I saw the possibility to begin right there.

The kitchen is full of things - a lot we use regularly and a lot we haven't used in the past two years since we moved in here.  And that was what I could deal with.  So, I started, and then realised I wanted to take some photographs just to help me along the way, to see what has been, how bad things are now.  To later see where we came from.

My kitchen before

We don't have a lot of cupboards in the kitchen, and not enough storing space.  We are renting cheaply, so what we have, is it.  I used the counter top for storage of fruit and veg and all sorts of things landed up there too.

With one very inquisitive little one in the house, who looks to be a tactile learner, everything in the house gets stored higher and higher.  And the kitchen cupboards have the space to do just that. :-(

I decided to make things more practical and this is how it looks like now.  My kitchen after...   :-)

All the herbs and spices are now within easy reach.  So much better when cooking not to have to fetch a chair to see what's in the back of the top cupboard.  And I got rid of all those herbs and spices I never used. The not-so-often-used cups and flower vases are now up there.

Neater, more space and more pleasent to look at.  The yellow and white tin is used for all those utensils that I often use, as we only have one drawer.

I also got rid of all the cookbooks I never use.  We do not have a microwave oven any more so I do not need all those books.

But the best part was getting rid of two-thirds of my Tupperware.  NEVER to be replaced by the same brand.  There are lost of nice plastic containers at grocery shops now, if I ever need anything more, or need to replace a broken container.  And I would say in total about half of all my kitchen stuff's gone.

We will have a take 2 and take 3 later on.  But this was my beginning.  I feel so much lighter.  And great that I succeeded in such a venture.

Another site: Minimalist Mom


  1. Trots op jou Essie!!!! xx SILly Erica

  2. Thanks, Erica. We had Take 2 in the kitchen on Sunday when I made lunch. I realised the one cupboard was in our way, but it contained our food, and we do not have a lot of space.
    I became ruthless and just culled more stuff. It feels so good. Now for selling the stuff we don't need anymore.