Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Impromptu Maths Lesson

Lessons were over and we all had some free time.  I worked on the computer while the children played.  Then I overheard the following maths lesson:

"Joshua, how much is 1 + 2?" Simeon asked.  I did not hear the answer but look at the maths sheet above, the answer was 12, and the sum read 001 + 2 = 12

And no, the photograph is the right way round.  We are still working on numbers and letter writing. 

One question was: "Joshua, how much is 3 + 3?" Answer "3".  "NO!! It's 6!"

And the leniency of a brother: "Joshua, what is 0 + 1?" Answer "0" Simeon then said: "You are right, it's 1"

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  1. Aah sweet. I anxciously await the day my 8th grader will become this helpful with my 3rd grader. At least he's better at Maths than I am.