Friday, 21 October 2011

Prayer Rock - Petra Mountain - White River

We lived on Petra Mountain in 2007.
One of the best places is the Prayer Rock,
quiet and with a magnificent view of the surrounding area.

Recently we visited and stayed over at Petra.
This gave us the opportunity to take more photographs and compare.

 Simeon on his third birthday - 25 June 2007
Joshua a week before his third birthday (which was 26 June 2011)

More photos of Simeon at 3 years

 With Ouma
 Simeon and his friends Tshepo and Wayne

Simeon and Joshua - June 2011

 Simeon, a week before his 7th birthday

Joshua, nearly 3 years


Because I knew I would have this opportunity, I planned beforehand and brought the same set of clothes that Simeon wore four years ago.

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