Friday, 18 November 2011

Childrens Mission and Prayer day at OM

Together with our homeschool support group we attended the OM (Operation Mobilization) Children's Mission day this morning.

 Introduction in the tent, decorated with the flags of different countries. 

Each child got a passport and we were part of the orange team

We learned facts about the country and had an opportunity to pray
for Turkey - a musl1m country.

 Many of the children remembered the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but did not know that 3 earthquakes hit the country every day.  Most are not even noticed.  They also had to try to eat sweets with chopsticks.

Thailand is a Buddhist country.  Monks are revered and even their parents have to bow down very low  before them.  The people of Thailand love their king and queen and small children are taken to the palace to meet the monarchs.  Do not bring the gospel to them in an argumentative way as they do not like that.

Somalia is a poor country and plagued by famine, drought and war since 1991.

 In Ivory Coast lots of children are abducted and sold as slaves.

The passports "stamped" with by the countries visited.

We had a lovely picnic lunch afterwards, but no photo taken :-(

Last Saturday we also attended the OM Missions Training base's "Pray for the World day" as a family.  The program was similar and the students had a chance to introduce us to life in "their" country.

 Looking in on life in "Indian" family home.
We also had an opportunity to taste some of the traditional foods.

Praying for Kazakstan.

I hope to use a similar idea at our family meal table to lead our children in prayer for other countries and missionaries. 


  1. this looks amazing, i think that i am going to use this idea of a passport, and meals and introduce it into our quiet times i start teaching my children about missions..

  2. Jenni, that is what I thought too. The children had the experience at OM twice and now we can do it at home. I just want to add a basket / box with names of missionaries that we can pray for. That way we can learn about countries, pray for them and the missionaries by name. Hopefully from that we can later interact with them, write and send parcels.

    Please keep us posted on your blog as you go along, to share ideas.