Monday, 21 November 2011

Minimalist Monday

In the three weeks since I posted on Minimalism in our house the paced slowed a bit, but we are still on track.  Now that I have the idea, it's always on my mind.  I now would like to be at that day that our house is less cluttered, more open, has a lot less stuff in it, but for now we are on this journey.  I do struggle with getting rid of stuff, all those magazine articles I kept for a number of reasons, the Bible study books that I got from someone, diaries since 1985, trinkets, etc.

The rhythm of my days is something like this:
Yesterday I kept it
Today it irritated me, so I got rid of it
Tomorrow I need it / want it back
And the day after that I'm over it

 I'm giving myself time,
room to grow
on this journey,
this way of life.

I have filled two crates with books to get rid of.  I'm also back on BookCrossing and will set a lot of books free into the wild in the next couple of months.

Moving all the plastic containers to the bottom shelf did not work.  It would be to difficult to reach in the corner cupboard.  This means we still have a very small cupboard for all our food.  The only solution I have is to get rid of the tumble dryer and get a loose cupboard for that space.  While our electricity bill in winter would be lower :-), we will have to look at another way of drying our clothes during the winter months.

More help in Minimalism:
I have decided to join the 29 days Giving Challenge after reading a friend's blog.  I'm looking forward to the task of finding "new owners" for things in our house.  I envisage that I might look at a ornament and pray to God asking whom will I give it to.  Or when a name comes to mind, ask God what I can give that person.

It might be:
* prayer time
* my time as service
* a gift from my home
* money
* telephone call, a visit, a letter / e-mail
* or maybe just a smile and a hug

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