Friday, 25 November 2011

Octopus and scarves

When Simeon asked for a octopus, as in Toy Story 3, I thought about the ones we made as children.  So here he/she is:

Wool, a tennis ball, some string, googly eyes and thread is needed

I wanted to use strings of about 1 meter, so I used the security gate for the stairs to wind the wool around.

Insert a tennis ball for the head. But first I wound a piece of wool around the top to keep the wool together.

Wind a string below the ball and spread the wool around the ball.

To make 8 legs, first divide in two equal parts, then each again in two parts (four) and then all four into two again (eight legs).

I showed Simeon how to braid, but then re-braided all the legs.  We will try this again in the December holidays as Joshua wants one too.

Add the googly eyes and form a mouth with the red thread.

Add a child for fun pretend play.

So, when you make something with and for the one boy, you end up making things for the other one too.  I then had to knit a scarve for Joshua's Piglet, and then one for Tigger too.  Simeon then wanted scarves for his Biebie and Tysie.

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